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About Us

Why Britmania.?

Our mission is quite simple: we love to find a high-quality solution for everyone who gets in touch with us and deliver that solution to the highest standard, in good time and providing you with the best value possible. Britmania is a small start up based in Kent partner with different supplier in the UK. 


If you’re happy then so are we! It may sound very simple, but that is the foundation of our ethical approach for both people and the environment. We care about the world being a happier place and we recognise responsibility as a small business to do all we can to have a positive impact and to reduce any negative impacts of our trade producing various products.


We are concerned about everyone involved in getting our products to our customers, from our suppliers at home and abroad to our UK team. We are committed to ensure that we all do our bit to maintain high standards of practice.

We have workplaces that follow international labour standards and:

  • Do not use any form of forced, bonded or involuntary labour
  • Are respectful of personal differences and keep our workplaces free from discrimination and harassment
  • Do not require workers to work extreme hours or work without adequate rest periods
  • Do not use workers under the age of 18, or the minimum legal working age if higher than 18
  • Keep our workplaces safe and hygienic with adequate fire exits, safe machinery and no danger from hazardous chemicals
  • Pay a fair wage

In a nutshell, at Britmania we respect and value our people and our planet and we choose to work with people who share our concerns and will work with us to maintain ethical and environmental standards producing cotton bags.

We have developed good relationships with suppliers and use independent certification schemes as well as our own first-hand knowledge from visits and regular communications.

We sell Artificial Plants, Vanity Cases, Furniture, Homeware. Find a big range of petrol, electric and nitro RC cars, planes and radio controlled helicopters and Gifts at low prices.