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Radio controlled cars come in three main categories. Nitro rc cars, petrol radio controlled cars and electric remote control cars. Within those categories there are also different variations such as with nitro remote control cars there will be built and unbuilt versions or with electric there will be brushed and brushless.

Electric radio controlled cars are the easiest to use and with the new brushless cars are as quick as the nitro ones.

The nitro cars are more of a hobby product than the electric ones as they are a little more difficult to use but once you learn how to use them are great fun. The small engine adds to the realism of the model.

Finally the petrol cars run on normal petrol and oil from the petrol station. They are much bigger than the nitro ones so are the most expensive kind of car. We have a huge range of RC models kits across the whole range and to suit all budgets

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This is the pro brushless version of the FS electric Marauder. The 3265KV brushless motor is paired with a 45Amp brushless ESC and pushing the RC car to faster speeds. As standard the model comes with a 7.4v 2000mAh Li-Ion battery. The brushless motor and ESC can handle more power so you could upgra..
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The Yama Buggy is built with many aluminium parts and looks great with oil filled, colour coordinated shocks. The suspension provides a superb feel on uneven surfaces and its high power 26cc engine gives impressive acceleration. The petrol rc buggy is equipped with a responsive and reliable brake sy..
If you want something that is big, powerful and fast, then this is the beast you are after. This a large 1:8 scale nitro monster truck that features a two speed automatic gearbox, three differentials with hardened gears and a fast SH .21 nitro engine. This awesome monster truck is packed with featur..
Brand: Oak Land
The 70KM/H speed claim from the manufacturer has been checked and the model reached over 72KM/H! The 540 size motor is big and powerful for a model of this size as is the two cell lithium battery that gives the buggy all of its speed. To handle the high power the model is fitted with upgraded alumin..
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