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Electric RC cars have the advantage over nitro ones that they are easier to use. You don't need to worry about tuning your engine or using the correct starting technique. Just plug the battery in and away you go. They used to have the disadvantage of being slower than nitro cars but the new brushless versions are just as fast if used with a lithium polymer battery like all the ones we sell are. The price in general comes down to two factors, the size of the model (with 1:18 scale being the smallest to 1:5 scale being the largest), and whether they are brushed or brushless. With electric RC cars we recommend purchasing a spare second battery so you can be charging one while using the other.

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This is the pro brushless version of the FS electric Marauder. The 3265KV brushless motor is paired with a 45Amp brushless ESC and pushing the RC car to faster speeds. As standard the model comes with a 7.4v 2000mAh Li-Ion battery. The brushless motor and ESC can handle more power so you could upgra..
Brand: Oak Land
The 70KM/H speed claim from the manufacturer has been checked and the model reached over 72KM/H! The 540 size motor is big and powerful for a model of this size as is the two cell lithium battery that gives the buggy all of its speed. To handle the high power the model is fitted with upgraded alumin..
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